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EPM Live WorkEngine Implementation

WorkEngine – SharePoint Project and Work Management solution developed by EPM Live.

ASL InfoTech inc. formed a partnership with EPM Live in April of 2008. Since then we have assisted a number of organizations in various industry sectors to implement WorkEngine. We apply our project management expertise to help our customers establish the way that WorkEngine can improve their productivity and project success rate.

WHY WorkEngine?

• Scalable solution built on a commonly used platform, Microsoft SharePoint
• Low cost SaaS Model
• Quick and Easy to Implement
• Provides the ability to quickly start realizing the benefits of formal project management
• Enables communication and collaboration
• Integrates with Microsoft Office suite

WHAT is involved in WorkEngine Implementation?

Envisioning and Planning
This stage of the Implementation is about defining the current situation, the challenges and the pain points. Once the current state is defined and documented then the future state, the vision, must be defined. The last step is to identify the gaps between the current state and the vision and establish the requirements that WorkEngine will meet. Built to order questionnaire is used to expedite capturing the WorkEngine configuration requirements.

This stage can be quite simple or complex depending on the chosen environment. Customers have three options to choose from a hosted shared server environment or hosted dedicated server environment or on-premise. The fastest installation is using the hosted shared server environment since the environment is already in place. For hosted dedicated server environment, lead time is required for the procurement, setup and configuration of the servers. For on-premise implementation it is up to the organization how quickly they can provide the environment with supporting Microsoft SharePoint, SQL database and SSRS reporting services. Detail instructions and support from EPM Live’s technical staff are provided.

This stage can be straight forward or complex depending on the configuration requirements, how much customization is being done and the complexity of the site hierarchy. Basic implementation takes into account very simple hierarchy and addition/change/deletion of no more than two (2) fields to an existing list. The configuration requirements captured in the Built to order questionnaire are implemented. Once the configuration is done testing of the new site(s) and templates takes place prior to turning the environment over to the customer.

This is the last stage of the implementation and very important one since good training will result in positive adoption of WorkEngine. There are two main training streams. One - Administrator training that teaches the person who will be the WorkEngine Administrator the behind the scenes of the application and reporting. Two – End User training. This training focuses on the Executive, Project Manager and Team Member and how each should use WorkEngine to their benefit.

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