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Project Management Health Check by ASL InfoTech

The Project Management(PM) Health Check, provided by ASL InfoTech (ASL), offers businesses of all sizes and from any industry an opportunity to assess the current state and effectiveness of their Project Management practices. Through personal interaction with the project team, we will identify what is being done effectively and more importantly, where there is room for improvement. The goal of the PM Health Check is to help businesses understand where they can gain productivity improvements, how they place on the Project Management maturity scale and what is required to gain a consistent approach to planning, monitoring and controlling the projects that they embark on.

Once a Project Management Health Check is complete, the company will receive a diagnostic report outlining what is effective with their current processes, what areas can be made more effective and recommendations (with options) on how to operate projects more efficiently, saving the company time and money.

WHY get a PM Health Check?

  • To increase customer satisfaction
  • To increase profits
  • To win more business
  • To understand project management strengths and gaps
  • To increase productivity and reduce re-work

WHAT is a PM Health Check?

A Project Management Health Check is a structured review and diagnosis of current project management practices. We examine the people, processes and technology and compare against an existing or standard Project Management Methodology and determine where the organization fits within the Project Management Maturity Model.

How much does it cost?

We offer a Basic package and a Gold package.

Basic package – provides an assessment of the people, processes and technology and their Project Management practices within a business unit or a small organization.

Gold package – provides an in-depth assessment of the people, process and technology and their Project Management practices across the organization.

Every company is unique, as is every PM Health Check. ASL provides custom solutions to meet your needs. In answering a predefined questionnaire, ASL provides a quote for a Basic PM Health Check and a more thorough Gold PM Health Check. Recommendations implementation fees are quoted and billed separately.

For more information and to schedule your PM Health Check, by ASL InfoTech contact today.


* To receive a free Kodak Playsport ZX3 a contract must be signed for a PM Health Check by ASL InfoTech by September 30, 2011 and completed no later than December 31, 2011. The gift has no cash value, no exchanges or returns. Promotion is subject to change without notice.